Roger Dubuis – Velvet by Massaro: Greta Replica Expensive

By | February 13, 2018

Previously the certificate conferred by the Town of Geneva was restricted especially to the watch movement. Nonetheless, in recent times this has been extended to the whole of the opinion. The Genevan seal bestows confidence the timepiece is of the highest horological virtue with independent scrutiny claiming standards.I have admired the masterly craftsmanship of Roger Dubuis for some time. I normally restrict my attention to the manly models which I dream of possessing. However, I have looked at several ladies’ versions from several manufacturers of late.Some continue to push the mundane quartz offerings that do little to engender excitement. However, some high-end exponents of haute horology are beginning to engage with ladies who seek watches with mechanical integrity.Roger Dubuis have created a timepiece with exemplary breeding but with a unique, tasteful aesthetic code. The diamonds are feminine, the bold lines assertive and confident. Yet, all facets harmoniously mix in a complex form to impart delight to some charmed wearer.The Roger Dubuis Velvet with amethysts and spinels has an obvious attractiveness. However, beneath its exquisite physical appearance, there are lots of inner virtues. As kids we are often told, “don’t judge a book by its cover” and we are still doing so during our lives.

In the year that Roger Dubuis has proclaimed the year of the Velvet Diva, the Manufacture presents the Velvet by Massaro trilogy: a runwayready line-up of three 88-piece limited models. Each of the three creations is an anthem to the potent femininity of the 1950s Hollywood golden age, in tribute more particularly to three iconic Divas who personified this magic: Rita Hayworth, Greta Garbo and Lana Turner.

All three interpretations bear the Poinçon de Genève, feature the signature Velvet characteristics and are driven by the Roger Dubuis Velvet Haute Couture Replica mechanical self-winding movement RD821. That which both unites them and sets each apart are their individual straps crafted from authentic Massaro leather used for its footwear collections.

WorldTempus has already presented the “Rita Hayworth” model. Today we unveil the watch dedicated to Greta Garbo.

The Velvet by Massaro – Greta watch is instilled with an aura of mystery, expressed through black feathers crafted by Laurence Le Constant and interwoven into the dusky strap. The sophisticated plumes create a delightful contrast with the warmth of the pink gold case and the sparkle of diamonds. This dark plumage evokes the Haute Couture chic of Massaro shoes and the feminine mystique of Greta Garbo. The black lacquered dial with tone-on-tone charcoal markings evokes the elusive brunette nicknamed “The Swedish Sphinx”.